Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide impartial knowledge

The IZA – Institute of Labor Economics is a vibrant and internationally visible research institute. It pushes the frontier in labor economics with innovative research and serves as a trusted and influential voice providing evidence-based policy advice in the German and international policy discourse. We are impartial and follow the rules of good scientific practice in all our activities.

We serve as the hub of the world’s largest research network in labor economics

IZA was initiated by the Deutsche Post Foundation in 1998 and is the hub of a global network of scholars who join our local teams in Bonn and Berlin to create a sound economic understanding of how labor markets work, how labor market policies perform, and which strategies cope best with inequality and social cohesion, ageing and technological change.

We engage in fundamental research, scientific policy advice, and active transfer of up-to-date knowledge. Thus, we bridge the gap between science and society by delivering relevant findings about labor economics to the public as well as political and economic actors. We are continually advancing our research agenda to to provide well-supported answers to pressing societal challenges concerning the future of work. IZA actively promotes the future of labor research by recruiting outstanding young researchers and connecting them to experienced economists. The institute has established itself as the leading international platform that links and disseminates cutting-edge research in all areas of labor economics.